Healthier Schools, New Mexico
Family, School & Community Partnership

Family, School, and Community Partnership promotes long-term effective partnerships between families, schools, and communities in the planning and implementation of health promotion projects and events both within the school and throughout the community.

The Family, School, and Community Partnership promotes:

  • Valuing the equality and diversity of the community as a whole;
  • Incorporating family, student, and community (individual, business, organization) involvement in the planning process;
  • Seeking and building upon community partnerships as an appreciated resource in the implementation of school programs, projects, activities and events; and
  • Actively seeking opportunities to engage students, families and staff in community-enhancing activities both within the school and throughout the community.

Goal: Promote long-term effective partnerships between families, schools and communities.

Educational Plan for Student Success (EPSS)

Standards for Excellence, which establishes expectations for all New Mexico students, requires every school and school district to develop a long range strategic plan designed to promote student success and continuous school improvement. This Educational Plan for Student Success (EPSS) is student-centered and cuts across all disciplines and programs. It includes clear expectations (called goals), implementation strategies and evaluation measures.

In order to evaluate student progress and school improvement, New Mexico schools must gather and analyze a variety of student data. Information concerning students? health, social and academic status should be among these data. Through the disaggregation and analysis of the data, schools and districts can make informed decisions concerning the development and implementation of programs and services.

Healthier Communities

The New Mexico Partnership for Healthier Communities (NMPHC) was started in 1992. The goal of the Partnership is to promote safe and healthier places to live by connecting local people and communities with state, federal, and tribal agencies.

The Partnership meets every other month in Albuquerque. Committees meet regularly to make policy recommendations that support communities, remove barriers that prevent communities from working together, and promote community decision-making to improve family and community life. For more information on Healthier Communities call (505) 827-2857.

The Youth Risk and Resiliency Survey: A Tool for Effective Program Planning

The New Mexico Youth Risk and Resiliency Survey (YRRS) is a survey that assesses the health risk behaviors and resiliency factors of youth. The YRRS measures changes in those behaviors and factors over time, providing comparable school district, state and national data. Data collected in the past through the Youth Risk Behavior Survey (YRBS), focused on risk factors. The New Mexico YRRS will go one step further by including questions that will assess risk and resiliency factors. This combination will provide data that is richer and broader, thus facilitating more effective program planning.

The YRRS, scheduled to be administered to New Mexico high school students in the fall of 2001, provide statewide county- and school district-level data, as well as information to help schools plan and assess programs that impact student health, and academic success.

New Mexico HIV Community Planning Group

The New Mexico Department of Health Community Planning Group focuses on prevention efforts through the dissemination of its resource guide of Effective Intervention Strategies for providers and planners. The guide serves as a tool that allows providers and planners to assess gaps among available resources and collect and analyze epidemiological statistics in order to concentrate on at-risk populations.

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Healthy kids make better students.

Better students make healthy communities.

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