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NM Medicaid in the Schools
2001 Conference

agenda and registration information.
Vision: The Medicaid in the Schools (MITS) Advisory Council vision is for all children in New Mexico schools to be healthy and successful.
Mission: The mission of the MITS Council is to provide a forum for all stakeholders of MITS services and to review, discuss, and recommend policy to the governing agencies - Human Services Department (HSD) and the State Department of Education (SDE).
  • The primary focus of the Council is to prioritize and coordinate MITS goals with overall state goals to improve health and health-related outcomes for students.
  • The MITS Council will review and advise on state rules, regulations, guidelines, and procedures, including proposed amendments to the Joint Powers Agreement (JPA) prior to adoption by the state agencies.
  • The Council will also consider issues specific to the efficient and effective operation of the MITS program.
  • Recommend policy to state government agencies
  • Educate stakeholders about MITS issues
  • Provide technical assistance on implementation of the MITS program
  • Report results of the impact of the MITS program to all stakeholders

For your information, our website offers -

The Medicaid in the Schools MITS Advisory Council 2000-2001 survey results in MS Excel spreadsheet format, or in text format,
2001 NM Medicaid in the Schools Conference agenda and registration information,
The online Medicaid in the Schools Resource Guide,
Sample School District Expenditure and Plan Forms (updated November, 2000),
General information about Medicaid and School-linked Services,
Information about Enrolling Kids in Medicaid (PE/MOSAA), including,
A report on the recent EPSDT Forum,
A brief overview of the Legislative History of the Medicaid in the Schools program,
A current Membership List of the Advisory Council, including email contacts,
MITS Advisory Council Bylaws,
Meeting minutes of the MITS Advisory Council:
A list of common Acronyms used by Medicaid in the Schools, and,
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Questions?: Call Joseph Sanchez, SDE, (505) 827-1805, or e-mail: jsanchez@sde.state.nm.us

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